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InterGen Data named as one of the Top 250 InsureTech firms for 2020 by Novarica

Novarica | 09.08.20

InsureTech Startup Market Continues to Grow, with Increased Focus on Customer Experience and Rapid Time-to-Value for Insurer Partners, Say Novarica

Novarica’s annual report profiles 250 InsureTechs with focus on opportunities to partner, learn, and create value

September 8, 2020 (BOSTON) – With time horizons shortened to reflect uncertainty about the future, insurance carriers investing in or partnering with InsureTech startups appear to be focusing on tactical initiatives that can produce more immediate results than some of the more speculative R&D efforts more common in the pre-pandemic era. In its fourth annual report, InsureTech for Insurers: 250 Startup Profiles, research and advisory firm Novarica outlines the InsureTech landscape for insurers, focusing on two key questions: Does this matter to my company? And what can we learn from it?