InterGen Data, Inc. wins “3rd Place” in UBS 2021 Future of Finance Challenge "Reimagining Investing"

Robert Kirk and Ian McKenna at the Empowering Advice Through Technology Conference

October 29, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Reimagining Investing

Helping clients invest is the essence of what we do. In today’s world, how we do that is what differentiates us. We’ll reimagine the investing experience in a personalized, relevant, on time and seamless way.

  • What are sophisticated wealth planning simulations that integrate more than financial data, creating personalized views?

  • What are new data modelling or visualization techniques for client reports?

  • How can clients seamlessly shift money to retirement and better imagine their pension situation (e.g., micro-savings)?

  • What interactive presentations and collaboration tools can we use in a digital / physical meetings?

  • How can we offer investment products on-demand generating tailored trading ideas?

  • What solutions allow predictive coding for different investment styles?

  • How can we rate bonds with advanced techniques more effectively than big agencies?


There are cash prizes to be won which can help further scale your business or allow you to do further research. We understand that there’s much more that may be of value than money, so we are also offering finalists with mentoring, access to experienced tech experts and the possibility to participate in a Proof-of Concept or Pilot, and progress with the oxygen of publicity too. Furthermore, finalists will enter our pipeline for UBS Next and be considered for our Female Founder Award!

Cash prizes and other financial benefits

Prizes and benefits of over USD 400.000 worth in value and contacts with our VC experts on the program.


Finalists will collectively receive over 120 hours of coaching and mentoring from experienced experts of UBS and our collaboration partners.

Proof-of-concept / Pilot

Expert support and acceleration to help develop your product or technology

Global profile

Gain the prestige of winning a prize from one of the world’s leading financial services organizations. Be featured in UBS’s public relations and exposed with our ecosystem partners.