The Reality of AI in Fintech and Financial Services

Robert Kirk, CEO of InterGen Data - The U.S. Fintech Symposium

Today’s firms are standing on the precipice of new digital wealth models that are being driven by artificial intelligence, 3rd party innovation, and technology accelerants that could lead to either tremendous growth, or historical disaster. Whether you are pushing the envelope of adopting new technologies, or if you are deliberately taking a wait-and-see approach, our industry is moving ahead and transforming at an exponential rate. Why, in light of all the strategic advances of AI development, do so few organizations actually make the leap to AI adoption? The fear of missing the boat is a reality, but so is the fear of doing the wrong thing. In this presentation, Robert Kirk, CEO of InterGen Data will share an in-depth, practical case study illustrating how leading financial services organizations are doing it right and using artificial intelligence to deliver the next generation of digital advice—safely and securely.

Robert Kirk and Dan Carmody - The U.S. Fintech Symposium

Watch the video interview with Robert Kirk, CEO of InterGen Data and Dan Carmody, CTP of TreaSolution, Inc.

Robert Kirk Biography

Rob is a Financial Services industry executive with over 28 years of experience in Wealth Management, Clearance & Settlement, and Brokerage. Throughout his career he has developed business aligned solutions that are built around the fast-paced evolution of technology and innovation in multiple sectors. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of InterGen Data, Inc. which is a firm that is focused on providing proprietary AI – machine-based learning that helps companies identify when their clients are likely to have important Life Events occur, what they could be, and how much of a financial impact that each could represent. Previously, he was the Principal Consultant for Wealth and Brokerage at Mphasis, a Blackstone Company – where he was the core contributor in developing proprietary solutions & frameworks for Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, and Risk & Compliance that drove over $100 million in business value to their clients and the firm. Prior to that he was the Chief Information Officer for 1st Global, a top 40 independent broker where he was responsible for all technology and advisor tools to more than 400 CPA & Legal firms with 1,100 independent financial advisors with assets under control of approximately $20 Billion. Mr. Kirk is deeply experienced in managing large, multi-tower, complex business and technology programs. He has dedicated his career to building out technology and business roadmaps through his proprietary K7 Process that result in definable KPI success. Ultimately, his efforts to adopt and support next generation growth lead to solutions that will enhance the client experience, improve advisor efficiency, and generate greater firm revenues.