InvestmentNews Two Minute Test Ride: InterGen Data, Inc.--Can AI Help Map Your Client's Future?

InvestmentNews Two Minute Test Ride

What if you could incorporate a financial plan that includes accurate predictions of major life events? Steve Lamb from InvestmentNews goes on a ride with Robert Kirk, founder of InterGen Data, Inc. to see if their new AI platform can deliver. Watch the video on InvestmentNews.

Steve Lamb: Advisors plan ahead. That's what they do, but you can't plan for what you don't know. InterGen Data, armed with some rad AI technology wants to help advisers predict the future to help build what was once unknown into a real plan. It's time for a two minute test drive.

Thanks for taking a ride with me Rob.

Robert Kirk: No worries. Nothing like getting some great air out here in Texas.

Steve Lamb: It really is bigger here, isn't it? It'd be easy to get lost if you didn't have a map.

Robert Kirk: Absolutely. It's kind of like creating a financial plan and not knowing all the details about what the most important life events with your clients are.

Steve Lamb: Speaking of details, where are we?

Robert Kirk: I don't know.

Steve Lamb: Oh, okay. Here we go. So good news, we have a map. Bad News, I still don't know where we are.

Robert Kirk: Well, imagine feeling that way about your clients.

Steve Lamb: Oooo, Ouch.

Robert Kirk: Well, i've got a solution. Here at InterGen, we've created an AI platform that tells you when your clients are going to have their life events, the most important life events coming up, what they will be, and how much of a financial impact that it's going to make.

Steve Lamb: When you say life events, what do you mean?

Robert Kirk: Well, these are things like when you're going to get married, who you're likely to get married to, when you'd have children by home. Even some of the negative aspects such as cancer or some debilitating diseases.

Steve Lamb: Where do you get the data for this? Where does this information come from?

Robert Kirk: So we collect millions of points of data, some from the government, some from private resources, and then what our job is we filter that down and correlate that to everything that looks like you -- for you.

Steve Lamb: All right, all right. So let's test this out - I want you to test your system on me and let's see if it works.

Robert Kirk: Absolutely. So one, we know you're Steve Lamb. We know you're 34.

Steve Lamb: Yup.

Robert Kirk: You live in the northeast.

Steve Lamb: Yup.

Robert Kirk: And you're married.

Steve Lamb: Yes.

Robert Kirk: Now on this screen, what we're going to see is who you're likely to get married to based on what your college degree was. So what did you study?

Steve Lamb: Okay, so I studied film-making. All right. Okay. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Michelle's a school teacher. All right. That's crazy. You guys nailed it. This is really powerful, Robert. I mean, this is, this is awesome. This feels like the map that advisors are going to be able to use to work with their clients so they don't get lost ... unlike us.

Robert Kirk: That's okay. Lamb, I got this.

Steve Lamb: Ha Ha ... Nice, i'll race you.

Robert Kirk: You're on.

Steve Lamb: [Engine] - [Gasp] - Almost had him. You know anyone can make a plan, but to make a plan that you can actually navigate with. You might want some help from some AI ... - [Gasp] - Did he take my map?