InterGen Data - Wins "Best Newcomer" Award!

Best Newcomer - FUSE 2018

The Best Newcomer Award went to InterGen Data.

This firm is not widely known today, but I’m sure they soon will be. Using statistical data on life events, imported demographic and personal details from sources, and AI machine learning, InterGen can predict the likelihood of events, the costs involved, and the impact of those events on a financial plan. InterGen has integrated this development as an Amazon Alexa skill so it’s easily accessible and simple to use. As shown by IBD United Planners at FUSE 2018, it can be used to give a client a quick analysis and then connect them to an advisor. The integration with Orion allows InterGen to share information about the client gathered from the InterGen process and push it into the note section of Orion. While this is not the most robust integration featured at FUSE, the innovation and the future potential of the platform are such that it was chosen by both the vote of the judges and the vote of the advisors as the innovation winner. By Joel Bruckenstein | September 14, 2018

InterGen Data: Winner of “Best Newcomer” and one of the flashier integrations.

Advisors using Amazon’s Alexa for voice transcription and the InterGen Data platform can receive new notes on clients that could be ideal opportunities for client interaction. InterGen Data provides financial data for predicted costs, from long-term care to the price of buying a house, tailored to an individual’s geography and other demographic data. After interacting with Alexa and providing InterGen with demographic data, transferred via the voicebot, running a client through possible future scenarios like the cost of raising a child or buying a house, the client notes from the interaction are sent to and stored in Orion. The advisor gains context for future conversations with clients and the client can also immediately schedule or call their advisor after receiving insights from InterGen. By Samuel Steinberger | September 7, 2018