Our Products


Digital Advice Via Demographics

Our Web Platform (browser and widget) that is the worlds first A.I. driven experience that provides its users with a cash flow forecasted model that shows them the financial impact of their upcoming Life Events.  This platform allows the user to truly experience, in real-time, what any financial plan should incorporate.


Digital Access to New Information in Each Life

Our API Platform that allows you to directly connect to our proprietary data through a standard set of RESTful services.  Whether you are connecting your Smart Speaker, CRM, Financial Planning Tool, Risk System, or a database within your technology eco-system, this is the preferred channel.


Classification and Analysis for Life Event Bias

Our proprietary machine-learning exercise where we will overlay our algo’s, research, and knowledge on your existing data to uncover previously unknown correlations and find hidden associations that are highly correlated to Life Stages, Life Events, Products, and Services within your Clients.


Regulation Uncovered Through Heuristics

Our proprietary AI/ML-based “Alerting Engine” that correlates products being sold, and revenues being generated with the “FSBI” Fiduciary, Suitability, and Best Interest regulations.  In doing so, we can help you evidence your regulatory requirements.


Life Stage / Life Event

Our proprietary algorithm (Predictive Computational Model) that searches for, uncovers, and correlates the most impactful events that could occur in a person's life and presents that information back to the user through Voice, API, or Web experience in a simple easy to understand manner.


System of Life Occurrences for Managing, Overcoming, and Navigating

Our proprietary AI engine and Database that aggregates and correlates hundreds of millions of points of data elements such as; Age, Race, Risk Tolerance, Gender, Personas, Life Stages, Life Events, Healthcare Costs, and Geography, etc. into a single system.


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