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Digital Advice Via Demographics


A web application that allows users to input information in order to discover what Life Events are likely to occur, when they are probably going to happen, and how much of a financial impact that they would have.  This application also allows the users to input real data to hyper-personalize the predictions.  The results are shown in a simple cash flow model where more green is good and less green is bad.  This approach shows a user the potential financial impact of upcoming Life Events in a simple Income Utilization chart.  


This easy to use browser based experience can be white-labeled and/or integrated as a widget into your current online platform or system.  

Life Stage / Life Event Data

LSLE .png

LSLE - Data

With over 140 million rows of data, our proprietary data set consists of Health and Wealth Life Event data along with their corresponding expenses.  Our proprietary algorithm (Predictive Computational Model) searches for, uncovers and correlates the most impactful events that could occur in a person's life. 

Today, we can predict 12 out of the top 40 Wealth related events (marriage, divorce, children, cars, homes) as well as 80 critical illnesses (27 types of cancer, 24 types of organ illnesses, 21 types of heart and artery issues, and 8 types of brain and neurological disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s).


We provide this data to banks, financial services, and insurance companies through our web application DAVID or through RESTful API's.

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Risk Uncovered Through Heuristics


Is an innovative predictive AI/ML technology that contextualizes the way Compliance and Risk professionals assess actual and potential risks efficiently and effectively.  RUTH collects the KYC consumer, product and transaction data from a firm. This information is measured against the regulatory requirements for Suitability, Reg BI and/or Fiduciary parameters and a KYC score is issued.  Unlike a typical rules-based engine this score incorporates measurements for each individual data attribute AND measures the entire data group to formulate an automated, non-subjective opinion of the appropriateness of the transaction. 


RUTH then screens the consumer through our proprietary predictive technology for applicable life stages and life events (“LS/LE”), such as; marriage, divorce, retirement, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. and appends this information (What, When, and Expense Impact) to each individual consumer producing a LS/LE score.  


The KYC score and the LS/LE Score are then married to create a unique RUTH score that measures the appropriateness of the consumer recommendation/transaction now - and for the future needs of the consumer.