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COVID-19 is one of the largest single Life Events in human history and in 2020, we’ve all felt its effects in a multitude of ways.  Some of us are struggling to pay bills, while others no longer have jobs.  Some people have to deal with the actual virus, and some are taking care of people who are ill.  In all of these cases, everyone is being affected and most are fearful about what’s going to happen next.  Most wonder what would happen if they contract the virus and if so, then what? 

Well, my name is Robert Kirk, and I am the Founder and CEO of InterGen Data, Inc.  I am a Husband, a Father, and a provider for my family.  However, I am also a Native American Indian with some Hispanic DNA and that means that I am easily classified as someone who is in the highest-risk and most-impacted categories for someone who contracts COVID-19.  


So, if I contract this virus, I need to know what could happen to me ... because I owe it to my family, my employees, and my neighbors.  This is why I (and the InterGen Data team) collaborated with the Brandeis International Business School's Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA) and Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programs to investigate some of the potential impacts of this virus on each of us.


​The original thesis, established in the first semester of 2020, was that Race, Gender, and Age, are extremely important to the impact of the disease.  Once we confirmed that this was true, we then focused on how Comorbidities (Pre-existing Conditions) might also impact one's health should one contract the virus.  As expected, this criterion played an even greater role in the outcomes of persons afflicted with COVID-19. 


Today, three semesters later, I personally understand how important this information is and how it can affect each of us.  As a result, I wanted to share this significant data with you (click the image above), so that you can learn more about how COVID-19 might affect you, your family, and your loved ones while raising the awareness levels of your safety and well being. 

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